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April 6, 2009

Spring Sale

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Its good to clear out the warehouse once in a while, in doing so we have found a small number of  end of line/clearance stock including silver plated gifts. Watch this space for more details.



January 25, 2009

business gifts 2009

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2009 will be a new beginning for many businesses, after last years world financial crisis promotional gifts have suffered some setbacks. However Red Monkey have not faultered, we still offer the same level of high quality service at the same great prices. We have many new exciting products to launch in time for this coming Spring, our clothing and embroidery service has also increased in capacity. We look forward to keeping you all up to date with our latest finds and interests and hope 2009 is a prosperous year for all of our clients.

December 7, 2008

I saw mummy kissing santa claus….

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its that wonderful time of year again when your thinking, what do I buy for my loved ones? Red Monkey can be your one stop shop for gifts we have many great ideas to suit any budget why not visit the store now?



October 8, 2008

The Puk goes from strength to strength

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Red Monkey are pleased to report more and more users are now increasing their PUK wrist rest supply. This is great news for RSI supported injuries linked to mouse use. Large corporate companies are now purchasing the PUK to provide all of their staff with this unique wrist support.

You can buy your single PUK from our PUK shop

If you have any corporate enquiries or wish to order in bulk please call us 01892 750713 or email:

PUK – Can you afford not to have one?

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PUK Wrist Rest

The success of the PUK continues, RSI is now one of the UK’s largest office Health & Safety related issues. At Red Monkey we have noticed a sharp rise in the sales of the PUK, sometimes repeat orders for 10 or more units.

Once people see the PUK in action they all want one! Offices all across the UK are now issuing PUK’s as standard to their staff to prevent RSI related injuries.

Dont delay buy your PUK today! –

September 30, 2008


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MUNNY is mini! Red Monkey now have MUNNY in our store

Still the boundless blank slate, MUNNY`s now just a little smaller. Customize every little inch of this 4-Inch mini with whatever you can grab a hold of…

Mark mini MUNNY up with crayons, paint masterpieces in ketchup, glue on horns, or meld two together to create conjoined mini MUNNY twins!

Additionally, inside each box hides a mystery piece – like a pinwheel, baseball bat, or mohawk – and a sticker, `Hello My Name Is` tag and one marker to personalize mini MUNNY.


Munny in store only £9.99

Munny in store only £9.99

September 26, 2008

Red Monkey USB People!

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USB People - Pull their heads off and store your data!

USB People - Pull their heads off and store your data!

















Red Monkey are very proud to announce the arrival of USB people. We have many standard designs up to 4GB! We can print your logo or for an increase in quantity you can design your very own!

They make a fantastic incentive or give away to promote your business, dont delay get a price for a USB person today!

Red Monkey promise to all of our customers that we will not be beaten on any price!

September 18, 2008

Gift Shop now open!

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We are pleased to announce that the Red Monkey gift shop is now open for business.

You will find a wide variety of silver,crystal and leather gifts. We also stock the world famous PUK wrist rest as well as new and exciting products being added on a daily basis.

We guarantee that the product will be in tip top condition and arrive quickly from date of order.

August 7, 2008

PUK – Now available to Buy online!

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You can now buy the new PUK in single units from our online store:

Dont delay buy a PUK today!

Click the hand to enter our new online gift store

August 4, 2008


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Red Monkey would like to introduce the PUK – The Wrist Rest With Flow!

What is a PUK?

Quite simply, it’s a smooth, comfortable, gliding wrist rest. Resting between your palm and wrist, your PUK slides around whilst you use your computer mouse, supporting your wrist, elevating it to the height it should be.



The Base
The all-important slippery part! This is made from a self-lubricating, lightweight, low wear, durable, low friction plastic, developed by DuPont in the early 50’s as an alternative to metal. PUK’s prominent feet slip and slide with your wrist across the table, maximizing the self-lubricating properties of this type of material.

The Top

The super comfy, squashy bit. This is the place you rest your weary wrist, but it’s not as simple as that for PUK! Ready for the science part? The squashy top is made from thermoplastic elastomer, a hybrid breed of plastic and rubber. This super soft grade is specially designed to make your wrist feel at home when using your computer.
The PUK does not contain Latex!

The PUK is made from 100% recycled materials and can be branded with company name or logoFor more details please contact us:

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